Arkesden - St Mary Boreham - St Andrew Borley - Dedication Unkown Castle Hedingham -
St Nicholas
Chelmsford Cathedral
Clavering - St Mary & St Clement Cressing - All Saints Danbury -
St John the Baptist
Earls Cone - St Andrew Felstead - Holy Cross
Finchingfield - St John Great Maplestead
St Giles
Great Saling - St James the Great Gosfield - St Katharine Great Coggeshall - St Peter ad Vincula
Halstead - St Andrew Hatfield Broad Oak -
St Mary the Virgin
Layer Marney
St Mary the Virgin
Little Baddow - St Mary Little Dunmow - St Mary
Little Horkesley   
St Peter & St Paul
Little Easton - St Mary Little Samford - St Mary the Virgin Maldon - All Saints Pebmarsh - St John the Baptist
Pleshey - Holy Trinity Romford 
St Edward the Confessor
Sible Heddingham
St Peter
Stansted Mountfitchet
St Mary the Virgin
 Thorpe -Le-Soken
St Michael
  Theydon Mount 
St Michael
  Tolleshunt D'Arcy
St Nicholas
 Wicken Bonhunt - St Margaret    
Arkesden - St Mary
Top Row: John Croxby (1456) Vicar
Middle Row: Richard (1592) & Mary Cutte Close up of effigies and kneeling children; notice the boys have been beheaded by not the girls!
Bottom Row: 1. John Withers (1692) & Wife Attributed to Edward Pearce
2. close up of John Croxby
3. Six poster of the Cuttes
Boreham - St Andrew
 Radcliffes, Earls of Sussex (1542, 1567 & 1583)
Alabaster. By Richard Stevens of Southwark. It was completed in 1589 and cost £266-13s-4d
Borley - Dedication Unknown
Left & Above: Sir Edward (1561) & Frances (née Neville) (1589) Waldegrave. Six poster. He was Master of the Wardrobe and, as an officer in Mary Tudor's household, was imprisoned in the Tower in Edward VI's reign for refusing to prevent Mary from celebrating mass, but was released on health grounds. He served Mary Tudor on her becoming Queen but objected to her marriage to Philip of Spain and was pensioned off. He was again imprisoned in the Tower  in Elizabeth's reign for allowing  mass to be said in his house. He died in the Tower and was buried in St Peter ad Vincula there. His wife outlived him by 38 years and later married Lord Chidiok Paulet, son of the Marquis of Winchester. Their children are shown and named:
Charles, Nicholas, Magdalen, Marie, Kathrine, Mary, Frances, Christopher. Frances had one son - Thomas - from her second marriage.
Right: Magdela Southcote (1598) daughter of Magdalen  Waldegrave (above) and John Sothcote.
Castle Hedingham - St Nicholas
John de Vere, 15th Earl of  Oxford (1539) & Wife.
Black marble. Four daughters and four sons kneel on opposite sides; the latter are not now visible as the monument is now against the wall instead of in the middle of the choir as it was originally placed. The Earl and his Wife are represented kneeling on the lip below the coat of arms.  Perhaps by Cornelius Harman
Chelmsford - Cathedral Church of St Mary
Thomas Mildmay (1571) Note the curious shape and kneeling children on the lower part but no other figures, although they probably existed.
Other Monuments - Not Shown
Mathew Ridd (1615) mural incised slab; attrib to Epiphanius Evesham
Robert Bownd (1696) with flower garlands
Earl Fitzwalter -(Benjamin Mildmay) (1756) Large standing wall monument with large urn in centre flanked by Corinthian columns and large cherubs. Signed: James Lovell
Mary Marsh (1757) various marbles with urn. 
St Mary & St Clement

Haynes Barlee (1696) erected 1747

Knight early 13th century. Purbeck marble. Said to be John de Clavering (1300)
Top Left: The two wives of Haynes Barlee.
Top Centre: Margaret Barlee Haynes's first wife whom he 'happily enjoyed' for 16 years; she died in childbirth giving birth to her 13th child who was stillborn.
Top Right: Mary Barlee (née Turner)  With this marriage Haynes gained a 'plentiful fortune but noe issue being married 2 years and 4 months.'
Haynes married a third time and had more children; he died aged 90
Above: The children of Margaret Barlee: 13 in all as noted above. Note the child coffins with skulls on top.
Left: Rev John Smith Formerly a preacher at St Pauls, he installed a new hourglass pulpit when he came ot Clavering; a book of his sermons was published after his death.
Cressing - All Saints
Henry & Ann Smith (née Nevill) 1590 Note daughter kneeling below and the baby
Earls Colne - St Andrew
Richard Harlakenden (1602) & Four Wives

 Danbury - St John the Baptist

Top: Oak knights late 13th C
Right: Oak knight very early 14th C
Said to be of the St Clere family


   Felstead - Holy Cross  
Christine Bray (1410) brass
Knight (1400) brass
Richard, 1st Lord Rich (1568) & Son (1581) Lord Rich became Lord Chancellor; he reclines and looks back at his son who kneels at a prayer desk. Behind are reliefs of Lord Rich with allegorical figures: Fortitude & Justice, Hope & Charity and Truth & Wisdom. Probably erected about 1620 and by Epiphanius Eveshamshown 
 Finchingfield - St John  

Left:John Berners & Wife (1523) These brasses are set into the Purback marble top of a tomb chest.
Above & right:  Thomas Marriott (1766) by W Tyler (signed)

St Katharine

Sir Hugh Rich (1554) Tomb Chest
Thomas Rolfe (1440) in robes of Serjeant-at-Law brass on tomb chest.
Sir John Wentworth (1567) tomb chestwith blank arcading
John Knight (1733) & Wife (1756) By Rysbrack . Two white marble figures seated with urn between.


Great Coggeshall
St Peter-Ad-Vincula

In the Paycock Chapel

John Paycocke (1533) & Wife brasses with indent of Virgin above

Thomas Paycocke (1580)
Two Females (c 1480)

In the S Chapel

May Honywood (1620) The inscription says that she left 367 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.
From Markshall Church, now demolished


Left Top: Lady Ann Dean (ob1633) The monument was erected by her son in 1634 and he lies at her feet, facing us with arms folded. Lady Dean stands behind in her shroud. Note the angels, crown and Trinity. By William Wright of Charing Cross. There was a fashion for standing shrouded figures in the1630's

 Great Maplestead
St Giles

 Left Bottom: Sir John Dean (1625) Note the children kneeling behind and above the main figure.
Both of the male figures lie on rolled up mats.

Great Saling
St James the Great
John & Elizabeth Yeldham (1786)
 Halstead - St Andrew
John Bouchier (1329)  & Helen  Granite The tomb chest dates from mid 14th C 
John, Lord Bouchier (1400) & Wife  

Other Monuments - Not Shown
Bartholomew, Lord Bouchier (1409) & Wives brass
 Hatfield Broad Oak
St Mary the Virgin
Robert de Vere, 3rd Earl of Oxford (c 1300) Attributed. 
Other Monuments - Not Shown
Sir John Barrington (1788) Standing wall monument with two putti flanking an urn.
Sarah Chamberlayne (1742) profile in oval medallion infront of an obelisk
Richard Chamberlayne (1758) Identical to the above
Stanes Chamberlayne (1782) portrait medallion is at the foot with a putti standing above
Sir Charles Barrington (1788) oval relief of  mourning female, urn and weeping willow. By J F Moore of London
Lady Ibbertson (1816) with two angels above the inscription plate. By Flaxman 

Layer Marney - St Mary the Virgin

Sir William Marney (1414)


 John Lord Marney (1525)

Henry Lord Marney (1523)
Terracotta. Probably by the same hand and that to John Lord Marney.


Little Baddow
St Mary

Henry Mildmay (1639)


Little Dunmow - St Mary

Walter Fitzwalter (1432) & Wife (1464) Alabaster effigies

Lady (early 15 C) alabaster. The tomb chest is later 15th C

Other Monuments - Not Shown
Sir James Halley (1753) Obelisk with seated female holding a medallion. By Thomas Adye

Little Horkesley -St Peter & St Paul

Brygete, wife of Thomas Fynedorne & John, Lord Marney (1549) , & her two husbands

Lady (late 13th C)
Oak Knight (c 1250)
Oak Knight (c 1270)
Oak. Fragmentary

Sir Robert Swynborne (1391) & Son (1412)
Tomb chest with brasses

Tomb chest (late 15th C) Purbeck marble fragment
Kathryn Leventhorp (1502) shroud brass

The church was completely destroyed by a bomb in 1940 and rebuilt in 1958


Little Easton - St Mary

Viscount Bourchier, Earl of Essex (1484) & Wife Tomb chest with canopy and brasses. Architectural detail and detail of brasses


Lady Frances Maynard (1613)

Sir Henry Maynard (1610) and Wife Alabaster. Very good. He was MP for St Albans

William, 1st Baron Maynard (1746) & 2nd wife Daisy Marble.  Roman costume. Style is that of Grinling Gibbons but probably by Edward Pearce

William, 2nd Baron Maynard  (1796) & Wife

Below is shown the detail of the panel. He stands leaning on an urn, with the portrait of his wife. Around are other members of his family as busts or relief medallions. The panels shows Justice, Charity, Fortitute and other allegorical figures. Marble.

By Charles Stanley, 1746

Plan of Bouchier Chapel, showing Robert Fyn priest c. 1420. Brass

Lady Bourchier c. 1400 Tomb chest with panels with shields; ogee arch with shields in spandrels.
On the above knight 13th C minature effigy

Little Samford - St Mary the Virgin
William Twedy & Wife

'Here lies the body of William Twedy, Esquire, who distinguised himself as a military commander first under Queen Elizabeth of glorious memory in surpressing the tumult in the north of England, next under the invincible hero the Lord Baron of Willoughby in France, and lastly under the auspices of the illustrious Earl of Leicester, in the Netherlands, and was Warden of the military works at Bergen-op-Zoom. He married firstly Mabell, the daughter of Sir Henry Curwen, Knight of the County of Cumberland, by whom he had one daughter, and afterwards married Margaret, the daughter of Rooke Green, Esquire, of Sampford Parva, in the County of Essex, by whom he had 3 sons and twice as many daughters. He died on the 7th July, 1605, whose soul rest in peace'. from the Latin

Bridget Peck (1712)

All Saints

Various wall monuments, starting top right & proceeding clock wise:

Sarah Jeffrey (1638)

? Thomas D'Arcy (1485) incription lost but preserved from Weever.

John Steevens (1677) age 5

Mary Vernon (1647)

Thomas Cummocke (1602) with two wives and two children, kneeling he frontal, she profile.

St John the Baptist

Holy Trinity

Sir Henry Joliffe (1749) Big urn. By Cheere Not shown
Samuel Turnell (1758) He was the nephew of the above. Also by Cheere shown 

Probably Sir William Fitzralph (1323)

 Edward the Confessor

Left: Ann Carew (1605)
Right: Sir George Hervey (1605) & Wife

Sir Anthony Cooke (1576) & Family Triptych with kneelers. pediment with Corninthian columns over 


Sible Hedingham
 St Peter

Sir John Hawkwood (1394)
A cenotaph: he was buried at Florence Cathedral

Stanstead Mountfitchet
St Mary the Virgin
Left: Hester Salusbury (1614) Coloured effigy on alabaster sarcophagus with two big shields surrounded by grisly ornaments.
Right: Sir Thomas Middleton (1631)  Sarcophagus with skulls.
 Two standing angels hold inscription plate; two further angels outside the columns which bear the arch. He began as an apprentice to a grocer and rose to be Lord Mayor of London. He was a founder member of the East India Company and financed the expeditions of Drake, Raleigh and Hawkins.

Thorpe - Le - Soken
 St Michael

 Knight c 1300


Theydon Mount - St Michael

Sir William Smith (1577)

Sir William Smith (1626) & Wife

Sir William Smith (1631) & Two Wives

Sir Edward Smith (1713) Tab by Edward Stanton
Rev Sir Edward Smith (1850) Tab by Osmond, Sarum
Sir Thomas Smith (1688)


Tolleshunt D'Arcy - St Nicholas

Left: Monument to unkown person with brass indents
Right: Thomas D'Arcy (1593) & Wife

Right of this are a series of brasses; starting top right and proceeding clockwise:

Unknown male c 1425
Anthony D'Arcy (1540) either a copy of a 14th C figure or one reused
Unknown Lady c 1425
Unknown Lady c 1540
Phillipa D'Arcy (1559)
The 1540 brasses are palimpsests

Wicken Bonhunt - St Margaret
J S Bradbury (1731) by H Scheemakers

 With thanks to Dr & Mrs D Kelsall and Ms Jean McCreanor for all the Essex photographs. The etching is from Stothard and the lithographs from Chancellor's of Essex

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