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Castle Frome
St Michael
Clehonger - All Saints Clifford - St Mary Croft - St Michael Dilwyn - St Mary Eardislake - St Mary
Edvin Ralph - St Michael Evesbatch - St Andrew Ewyas Harold - St Michael Eye - St Peter & St Paul Foy - St Mary King's Caple- St John the Baptist
King's Pyon - St Mary Kington - St Mary Kinnersley - St James Ledbury - St Michael Little Hereford - St Mary Magdelene Lugwardine - St Peter
Lyonshall - St Michael Moccas - St Michael Much Cowarne - St Mary Much Marcle - St Bartholomew Pembridge -St Mary Stretford - St Peter
  Tarrington - St Philip & St James Ullingswick Wolferlow - St Andrew Weobley - St Peter & St Paul  
Abbey Dore - St Mary

Two late 13th century knights
Bishop's Frome - St Mary
A late 13th century knight
St Michael
Early 14th C Mother and Child
Bramton Bryan
St Barnabas

Early 14th century effigy of a lady, holding her heart. Said to be Margaretha Brampton
St Peter
Incised Slab c 1300
Bredwardine -St Andrew
Late 14th century knighr & alabaster knight c. 1450
Castle Frome - St Michael
A knight late 13th century, holding heart?
Now reset: was it a monument
Clehonger - All Saints

Above & right upper & centre: Sit Richard Large
The etchings are from Hollis
Right lower: Sir John barre (1483) & Wife
Clifford - St Mary
Priest 13th century oak
Croft - St Michael

Sir Richard Croft (1509) & Dame Eleanor (1520)
St Mary
Left: Warren Peter Clowes (1918) kia at Abancourt defending Amiens amd buried at Fouilloy; Right: Lt Col Peter Leigh Clowes (1924) Both of the King's Royal Irish Hussars. Peter appears to have been Warren's father (or possibly grand uncle) although this is not clear; note the former wears armour and the latter WWI uniform.
Dilwyn - St Mary

Knight early 14th century; said to be Sir Gilbert Talbot (1274) although he is said to be buried in Wormsley Priory, which appropriated the church in 1274

Left: minature effigy of a lady, early 14th century
Above: Knight/lady c 1400
Right top: Knight/lady late 13th century
There is also a knight and two ladies early 14th century (not shown)
Right bottom: Incised slab to Maud de Edefen (1325)
Edvin Ralph - St Michael

Evesbatch  St Andrew
Mrs Dobyns (1658)

The epitaph read thus:

Here lyeth a mother in our mother's womb
who to her only child did prove a tomb.  Thus heavens did decree that she should have
a son, heir of her body and her grave.  Though she a mother was, she did begin
Strange !  not till after death to lie in.
More for to tell you, who, what, here doth lye
Would prove, witt, beauty and the best must dye

Ewyas Harold - St Michael
Lady (c. 1300) holding heart. The recess in which she lies may belong
St Peter & St Paul
Left top: Sir Richard Cornewall (c 1540) & Wife Alabaster
Left Bottom: Sir Rowland Cornewall (c.1520) ? Alabaster: tomb chest modern
Above: Three sons of Lord Cawley: John, Harold & Oswald (1914-18) Designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield
Foy - St Mary
Priest (late 13th century)
King's Caple
St John the Baptist

Above: Eliza Woodhouse (1833) by Westmacott
Elizabeth Holcombe Ferguson (1834) by Flaxman. Is she feeding the baby?
King's Pyon - St Mary
Alabaster knight and stone lady in earlier recess
Kington - St Mary Little Hereford
St Mary Magdelene

Joseph Bailey (1850) by J Evan Thomas

Sir Thomas Vaughan (1469) & Ellen (Gethin) A Yorkist, he was killed at the battle of Edgcote Moor. Alabaster
Incised slab of lady in recess; early 14th century
Kinnersley - St James
Dame Anne Morgan (1764) Signed: Read Sculp London

Sir John Morgan bart MP (1767)
'Neere this place is interred the body of Francis Smalman esq  (Lord of this manor and that of Letton) and Susan his wife. Hee died on the 7th day of September anno 1633 being aged 68 and shee died the 11th of August 1632 being aged 67. He married formerly the widdowe of George Craft of London esq by whome hee had issue Francis, Jane and Jone, Shee also had a former husband, one John Clarke citizen, to whome shee bear issue John, William and Susan. The said Francis and Susan had only William (the suthor of this monument) and Alice his sister Anno 1635' All of these mentioned children kneel below but the Clark children have no shields.
Immediately below can be seen the brass to William Leviot (1421) rector. Bust with inscription below
Lyonshall - St Michael

Civilian 13th centrury. Headless
Ledbury - St Michael

Far left: Priest (late 13th century)
Left & above: A sister of Grymbald Pauncefoot (c. 1300). Note her skirt hanging over the edge and the display of shields.  The top section is missing.

  St Peter

Left: John Best (1637) shown preaching
Above: William Reed (1634)
Moccas - St Michael
Knight (14th Century) with crossed legs
Much Cowarne -
St Mary
Knight (late 13th Century) with crossed legs
 Much Marcle
 St Bartholomew

Above & right: Civilian (1360-70) Oak painted
Above left & directly above this: Blanche Mortimer, Lady Grandison (1347)
Above & right & below: Tomb chest with effigies of c. 1400
Left: Sir John Kyrle (1650) & Wife. Black & white marble


St Mary

Knight/Lady (late14th century)

 Civilian/Lady (early 14th century)

Wall monuments. Photographs by Michael Statham

Tarrington - St Philip & St James
Lady (c. 1360) in early 14th century recess
 St Peter

Above: Knight/lady (mid 14th century)
Knight/lady (mid 14th century)
Both show the Delabere arms
(no dedication given)
'Here lyeth the body of John Hill gentleman heire to John Hill gent of the Nether courts who marryed the eldest daughter one of the co-heires of Hugh Brooke esquyer of Lounge Ashton in ye county of Somerset: lyneally descendinge from the house of ye Lord Cobham & had by her three sonns & two daughters: these armes came by hir and he departed the lyffe the thirde day of February in the XXXXIII yere of the raigne of oure soveraigne lady Queen Elizabeth Anno Domi 1590 upon whom the Lorde hathe mercy' Painted stone panel.
Weobley - St Peter & St Paul
Dame Alice Crutwell & Sir John Marbury (1437) Alabaster Sir William Devereux (c. 1430) Alabaster
Wolferlow - St Andrew
Mid 13th century effigy of a lady. Interesting feature: The angels appear to be drawing a face cloth away from the lady's face, best seen in the photograph to the right. This is a very unusual feature and, to my knowledge, only occurs on a handful of military effigies in Yorkshire.

The Much Marcle photographs kindly supplied by Sally Badham. Most of the photographs of medieval effigies kindly supplied by Paul Remfry and the others by Jean McCreanor and Joan & Robert Tucker. All received with thanks

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