Peterborough Cathedral
Park in the nearby, reasonably priced, car park. There is no admission charge but donations are politely requested. Peterborough Cathedral is a cathedral of the 'New Foundation'. Before the Reformation it was a benedictine abbey, ruled by an abbot; the church was refounded as a secular cathedral by Henry VIII, to be ruled by a dean and chapter, and so the mother church of the diocese of Peterborough. Thus before the Reformation we find monuments to abbots but afterward monuments to bishops and deans.

Thomas Deacon (1702); also to his widow Mary (née Havey)(1730) White and gray marble Signed  Robert Taylor Snr
Bishop Richard Cumberland (1718) signed by Thomas Green of Camberwell
Dean William Ingram Effigy of white marble by H R Ingram (1903)
Above: Stone effigy of either John Chambers, who was the last abbot (1525-39) and first bishop (1541-1556). He clearly knew what was in his best interest during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Or - Abbot R. Kirkham (1528)
Right: Early 17th century monument to the Orme family whose descendents clearly did not wish to restore.

Above left: Arthur Richard Sculthorpe MBE (1974) General Secretary of the National Deaf-Blind Helpers League 1950-1974. He was himself deaf and blind for the last 35 years of his life
Above right: George Eric Deacon Alcock MBE (2000) Amateur astronomer, naturalist and teacher

Top Left: Haydn Keeton Mus Doc Oxon Cathedral organist 1870-1921
Top Right: The brass refers to the stained glass above being in memory of Henry Twells MA (1900)  Hon Canon and Rector of Waltham-in-the-Wolds, Leicestershire.
Bottom: Medieval cross slab
South Aisles

Left, from top down.:
Three abbots of of Alwalton Marble:
1. Alexander of Holderness (1265)
2. Unknown late 12th to early 13th century
3. Unknown early 13th century
4. Unknown early 13th century
Above and right: Archbishop Magee of York (1891 By J Forsyth

       Joseph Stamford (1683)                     William Parker (1730)              Robert Pemberton (1695)


Far left: Nurse Edith Cavell. (1915) Saved lives of soldiers from both sides during WWI. Helped 200 allied soldiers escape from Belgium for which she was accused of treason by the Germans and shot by firing squad. Her body was returned to England after the war and she was buried in Norwich Cathedral. One of several memorials.
Bishop Mandell Creighton (1901) He was consecrated Bishop of Peterborough 1891 and then Bishop of London 1897. Historian of Papacy and Reformation
Tablet commemorating the burial of Mary Queen of Scots between the pillars below. Her body was reburied in Westminster Abbey and a fine monument constructed by her son King James I & VI

North Aisles

Another early 13th century abbot

Catharine of Aragon (1536) First wife of King Henry VIII. In the aisle directly opposite was buried Mary Queen of Scots
Bishop Spencer Madan (1813) Mary Pratt (1825) Mother of Prebendary Pratt Rev Canon John Workman AM (1685)  
                       Canon Frederick Alderson MA (1902)                                               William Rowles (1834)
and daughter Mrs Ann Wilkinson

Above top:
Dorothea Standish (1689)
Above centre:
Frances Cosin (1642)
Above bottom:
Joseph Parsons MA (1829) and Lætitia (1829)

Louisa Cole (1824) On initial inspection this looks like a memorial to her husband Martin.
Henry Pearson Gates JP (1893) and added below his wife Eleanor Maria. He was fiest mayor and held several lay positions in Cathedral and Dicoese.

Top and above left:
Lewis Clayton DD (1917) Canon of the Cathedral; Suffragan Bishop of Leicester 1903 and Assistant Bishop of Peterborough 1913
Above centre: Dean Dupont (1679)
Above right:
Constance Workman (née May (1681) wife of John Workman; she died in childbirth


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