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St Mary's - Battersea Parish Church  
There is no nearby underground station; visit the church website for map of area and how to get there:
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 James Bull (1713), son-in-law of Sir John Fleet, & son John Bull (1729)

Sir Edward Wynter (1685)

Holles St John (1738), half brother to Bolingbroke. By Peter Sheemaker

Richard Rothwell (1821)
Alderman & High Sheriff of London

John Camden (1780) & his daughter Elizabeth Nield (1791) Coad stone

Frances Bull (1738) wife of James Bull & son John (1738)

Henry St John, Viscount Bolingbroke (1751) & Mary Clara des Champs (1750)
by Roubillac

Oliver St John, Viscount  Grandison (1630) & Joan Holcrofte by Nicholas Stone

 Sir John Fleet (1712)
MP for City of London

William Hollingworth (1825) & Family

Thomas Ashness (1827) & Family

Martha Hale (1736) & Charles Hale (1739)

Thomas Astle FSA (1836)
Keeper of Records, The Tower of London and one of the Trustees of the British Museu

William Francis (1805)

Mary Sophia Vardon (1808)



Nathaniel Middleton (1807)

Rt Rev John Inglis DD
Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia

Thomas Dives (1808)



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