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St Peter
Above: Robert Charnocke (1691) Steward to Ford Lord Grey.
Right: Sir Ralph Grey (1443) & Wife. Tomb chest of c. 1450 with 14 saints separated by angels. Alabaster effigies. Above Jacobean additions.
Alnwick - St Michael Bothal - St Andrew

Left Top: A clerk; 14th century
Left Bottom: Lady Isabella de Vexi (1314)
Above: Ralph Lord Ogle (1513) & Lady Margaret Gascoigne. Alabaster.
Bamburgh - St Aidan
 Grace Darling (1815), the famous lighthouse keeper's daughter, who with her father rowed in the most atrocious weather to rescue survivors of the S S Fofarshire. She died of tuberculosis in her 27th year and is buried with her parents in the churchyard. Near her grave is a memorial which originally contained this effigy, now inside the church, by Raymond Smith  1844; the Gothick memorial (by Hicks 1895) itself now contains a facsimlie. Note the oar. 
Although popularly stated to be of Sir John Foster who participated in the First Crusade, the style an armour indicate that it is of a later date of c. 1325
Dr John Sharp (1714) Archbishop of York. A seated girl looks down beside the bust of the Archbishop on a pedestal. By Chantrey 1839 
Foster Family 1711
Georgina Black (1878 aged 14)
Lt John Grey (1777)
Dorothy Grey (1820)
John Grey (1833)
John Embleton n/d surgeon
Constantina Grey n/d
Henry George Grey
Cambo - Holy Trinity

Above Left: Two cross slabs. Note the wool shears
Centre top: Arthur Trevelyan (1846)

Above and details bottom centre: Man with sword: incised slab, feet on hound

Kirknewton - St Gregory the Great
Andrew & Naria Bowrell (1458) 'Pray to God for us'. Although an incised slab, the heads and hands were set in brass, now lost. 'Near this spot was interr'd the body of the Revd John Wedge MA, vicar of this church for 52 years, who departed this life 1732 in the 80th year of his age. Also the body of his wife Elizabeth who departed this life 1729 (?) Also three of their children viz Mary, Catherine and George.' In chancel
Meldon - St John
Sir WilliamFEnwick (1652) His wife, Meg O Meldon, was said to have haunted the nearby bridge as a dog or a white lady, intent on pushing travellers into the river. She was not an attractive lady but a miserly one and her ghost roams the earth in seven year cycles looking for her hidden wealth. Buried in Newminster Abbey.
St John Lee - St John of Beverley
Captain Simon William Richmond Mewburn (1916) Kia in Mesopotamia. His head rests on a saddle

Henry Askew (1796) & Dorothy (1792) by Henry Webber (1801)
Newcastle upon Tyne
Cathedral Church of St Nicholas

Admiral Lord Collingwood (1810) by Rossi (1819) designed by C R Cockerell. Exhibited Royal Academy 1820 and erected 1821

Calverley Bewicke (1815) by E H Baily from a design by William Theed. Exhibited Royal Academy 1819.
Above: John Collingwood Bruce (1829) by George Simonds 1890 (signed). Marble effigy; his feet rest on his own book - 'Roman Wall'
Bishop Arthur Thomas Lloyd. Effigy by F W Pomeroy; designed by Oliver & Leeson (1908) with alabaster effigy by F W Pomeroy

  Henry (1634) & Elizabeth (1653) Maddison  kneel facing each other; their parent kneel at either side facing forwards; their 16 children kneel below.

William Hall (1631) & Jane (1613) Erected by only son Alexander Hall

Roger Thorton (1429) & Agnes (1411) One of the largest brasses in the country and dated 1441

Robert Hopper Williamson (1835) by David Dunbar I (1838) designed by William Dobson

Sir Mathew White Ridley (1813) by Flaxman , 1810

Mathew Ridley (1778) by  John Bacon  (1787)

Simonburn - St Mungo

Above: Figures from desecrated tomb of Cuthbert Ridley (1637)
Right: Robert Lancelot Allgood (1854) & Elizabeth by Mathew Noble 1866
Stannington - St Mary the Virgin Warkworth - St Lawrence

Sir Mathew White Ridley (1904) by Sir Mathew White Ridley bronze effigy with marble base by Detmar Blow

A Knight of c. 1330 with the arms of de Aublyn. The tomb chest is 17th century
Thockrington - St Aidan
14th century lady in sandstone
Lord Beveridge (1963), the social reformer is buried in the churchyard
With thanks to Joan & Robert Tucker and, Jean McCreanor and Amanda Miller of Amanda's Arcade for supplying all the photographs and information in this section


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