St David's Cathedral
It is easy to park near the cathedral. There is no entrance charge or charge for photography
Nave - South Aisle South Transept North Transept Retrochoir- South Aisle

Top: A Priest (14th century) stone effigy, worn. Angels holding cushion are gone.
Bottom: Bishop John Morgan (1504) stone effigy on tomb chest: front shows six of the apostles, one end with resurrection and the other with winged lion holding coat of arms.

A Priest. Grave slab, not in situ, upper part only. The head and cushion is carved in high relief but the body in very low relief.

Top: A  Priest (14th century) Head on double cushion. Note the ogee headed canopy. The tomb chest, decorated with tracery, is probably of a different date.
Bottom: Shrine of St Caradog (1124)
Countess of Maidstone (1932) Alabaster effigy recumbent on alabaster tomb chest. Designed by  W D Caröe from original drawing of tomb chest by J O Scott; carved by  Brooke Hitch. The effigy is a life portrait; at her feet her pet dog.
South Choir Aisle

Bishop (13th century) Stone effigy in high relief; poorly preserved. .Said to be of Bishop Iowerth (1231)

Bishop Anselm (1247) lies next to the above. Stone effigy in very good condition. Holds crozier and gives blessing. Canopy over head.

Top: Knight (14th century) head on helm with lion crest; tunic shows relief carving of lion rampant. Feet on lion with long tail. Said to be Lord Rhys ap Gruffydd (1197), if so retrospective
Bottom: Priest (14th century) canopy. On modern chest. Broken head. Attributed to Gerald of Wales, but this unlikely

Top: Sylvester 'Medicus' Grave slab with floriated cross and inscription. ' his ruin shows that medicine does not stand in the way of death'.
Bottom: Priest (14th/15th century) stone effigy, broken in two places and poorly preserved. Interesting in that he holds a book in his right hand and there are remains of an inscription

Priest (14th century) Head on cushion and under round canopy; badly worn. In cinquefoiled recess.

Lady Chapel

This area was not accessible; the monuments are:
John de ..... (13th century) - inscription. Grave slab. May be John de Fakenhan, Archdeacon of Brecon (1274) 
Tomb (c. 1500) reinstated by J O Scott & W D Caröe using medieval pieces. The original monument was designed as part of the remodelling of the chapel in 1500.
Bp John Owen (1926) who restored the Lady Chapel; effigy by Brooke Hitch; monument by W D Caröe  but based on medieval fragments.. Gothic in style with elaborate canopy. Bishop Owen is buried elsewhere.

Retrochoir Choir North Choir Aisle


Dean Howell (1903) A wall mounted bronze plaque with portrait in low relief by W Gascombe John 

Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond (1456)  Father of Henry VII. Purbeck marble tomb chest with tracery and coats of arms. Originally in Greyfriars at Carmarthen. The brass on the top slab is modern by Thomas Waller (1873)

 Shrine of St. David (1275)
Above: Choir Aspect - The upper part consists of three arches supported on detached shafts; the back wall was once painted. Above would have been the reliquary chest below an arched superstructure. The lower part is a 'chest' with open arches and quatrefoils between; these may have for receiving offerings. Not shown.
Below: Aisle Aspect - Three openings for pilgrims to crouch below the relics.

Knight (14th century) said to be Rhys Geyg (1233), a younger son of Rhys ap Gruffydd. Arms on jupon - differenced by a label with three points - indicate the eldest son. Under modern recess.


Trinity Chapel

Medieval Grave Slab. Reused with the inscription DH 1745 lightly carved. Not in situ.

Incised Slab over the remains of Bishop Houghton (1398) removed from St Mary's College in 1965


Thomas Lloyd (1612) He was cathedral treasurer. Effigy with right hand clasped to side of head. Son and daughter kneel below; remains of widow behind.

Retrochoir - North Aisle

Priest (14th century) His head is under a raised and floriated canopy.

Knight (14th centruy) cross legged, holds shield, hand on sword. Now worn but once very fine

Knight (14th century) very badly worn.
John Hiot (1419) Archdeacon of St David's 1400-19. Yellow limestone. Effigy very worn but tomb chest is better and shows inscription around edge of top slab. Not shown
This is more than the usual screen but a structure containing three funerary monuments

Bishop de Gower (1347) Head on a double cushion held by angels. The tomb chest is carved on one face only and shows eight of the apostles with their various symbols.

Priest (14th century)  Cushions held by angels, feet on lion. In a chamber to the north side of passage through the pulpitum. Note the remains of a medieval wall painting in the chamber containing this tomb.

Priest (14th century) Similar to the above but on the south side and next to the monument of Bishop de Gower.

Tenby - St Mary

Above: First Column: Top:  John White (detail)  Bottom: Thomas White (detail). Second Column: Isabella Verney (1415)
Third Column:
John White (1507) Fourth Column: Thomas White (1418). Father of John White Below: Left  John White (tomb chest). Right: Thomas White (tomb chest). The chests are alabaster; the effigies stone.

Far Left: Thomas Rogers (1693) Erected 1737 by his son
Unknown female (14th C)
John Denby or Tynby (1499) Archdeacon of St David's
Bottom Left:
Thomas Rogers (detail)
Bottom Right:
Unknown female (detail)

The Tenby photographs were sent to me by Tony Carr to whom grateful thanks


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